Tropical Cyclone

As development of the world's coastlines continues to accelerate, organizations need robust tools that can help them manage their tropical cyclone risk. Verisk models enable better risk assessment to improve underwriting, pricing, risk transfer, and risk mitigation decisions.

Capture realistic, location-level wind speeds.

Verisk's tropical cyclone models incorporate the latest research on wind fields and high resolution data on elevation, topography, and land use/land cover to estimate wind speeds at each affected location.

Discover our hurricane model for U.S.

Account for differences in regional vulnerability.

A building's response to tropical storms varies significantly depending on its construction type, occupancy, and height. In addition, Verisk models account for regional differences in historical storm experience, building code evolution, and construction practices.

Assess damage for each related sub-peril.

Estimate damage from wind, precipitation-induced flooding, and storm surge using separate damage functions to achieve a comprehensive understanding of potential losses and to assess peril-specific policy conditions.

Evaluate correlations of risk.

Basinwide catalogs span multiple countries that can be simultaneously affected by a single tropical cyclone, enabling more accurate loss evaluation for international portfolios and policies that span borders.

Read about storm surge vulnerability

Identify additional sources of loss.

Verisk tropical cyclone models estimate losses outside of structural damage, including those associated with building contents, additional living expenses, and business interruption.

Generate outputs for diverse policy conditions.

Use Touchstone® to model a wide range of policy conditions and coverages specific to each modeled country, including limits, deductibles, blanket and excess layers, facultative certificates, risk-specific and aggregate treaties, and endowment or step-policy functions.

Assess your risk in a warm ocean climate.

Use our climate-conditioned Atlantic hurricane catalog, which reflects elevated sea surface temperatures, to evaluate how a warm ocean environment may impact your risk.

Learn about our WSST hurricane catalog

Verisk currently offers tropical cyclone models for:



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