Develop your own views of risk

Custom views of risk can differentiate your business, but custom models—and their bespoke modeling platforms—can be prohibitively resource-intensive to develop, integrate, and maintain. With Model Builder, you can optimize your custom model development and take advantage of the Touchstone® platform.

Tap into our open platform

Model Builder is designed to make it easier than ever to create and share independent, transparent views of risk. Rapidly build risk models that deploy in Touchstone’s open platform.

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Innovate without added overhead

Leverage the computational power, analytics features, and industry-leading financial module of Touchstone for your own models—no added development resources required.

Build on Verisk’s modeling architecture

Model Builder provides structure and robust back-end programming for creating your models. By removing time-consuming implementation steps, it frees your risk engineers and scientists to focus on what they do best—producing high-quality hazard and vulnerability modules.

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Enable streamlined modeling

Simply input your data on the hazard’s events and intensities, along with your engineering data for damage estimation, via templates designed with Verisk’s unique expertise for rapid development of complex, enterprise-grade models. Model Builder’s custom event engine converts your information for validation and use in Touchstone to calculate ground-up losses, then apply terms via the financial module.

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Integrate models seamlessly

Achieve a multi-model view of risk with a unified risk management workflow in Touchstone. Aggregate loss metrics from custom models and Verisk models across your portfolios, then roll up the results into your own custom view of risk.

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Support multiple workflows

Whether you’re building or modifying models for in-house use, sharing with partners and cedents, or licensing models for external use, Model Builder facilitates custom modeling across the re/insurance landscape. Universities, NGOs, and state or local governments can also implement custom modeling for risk management.

Support you can trust

Driven by the most rigorous scientific process in the industry today, Verisk has developed models for more than 110 countries. You can rely on Verisk‘s software to help you create robust models that inform risk management decisions for you and your clients.

Our award-winning customer service is available when you need it, providing comprehensive support for Model Builder and the Touchstone platform.

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