Each casualty event is different. While historical data can be used as a guide, the ever-changing landscape of economic, legal, and regulatory factors can have dramatic effects on how casualty liabilities will trigger and spread. The Arium approach utilizes supply chain relationships to build scenarios that reflect correlations between the casualty policies in your portfolio. This approach offers a transparent and flexible way to quantify the impact of liability accumulations across your organization.

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Arium’s Unique Capabilities


Understand your exposure to risk from all sources

Arium’s portfolio modeling software provides a framework to measure enterprise-wide casualty risk, and to monitor that risk over time. Our large database of casualty scenarios provides the broad event coverage needed to capture your risk across all business units and major casualty lines of business. With Arium you can analyze and quantify the impact of many types of events such as financial, infrastructure, energy, construction defect, and large product liability events.

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Portfolio Management

Improve portfolio management

Identify growth opportunities as well as areas of high-risk concentration within your casualty portfolio by using Arium’s casualty analytics to estimate losses associated with different categories of casualty events. Detailed event loss data can be exported and analyzed to uncover the drivers of any risks exceeding corporate risk tolerance.

Construct Scenarios

Construct custom scenarios

Create your own scenarios or use Arium’s existing library, built in collaboration with industry experts, to better understand the impact of major casualty/liability events to your portfolio. Not only can you model potential future events, but you can also stress-test your portfolio by altering scenario assumptions and observing the impact of these changes on simulated casualty losses.

Data Enhancement

Enhance your data

Arium can help you enhance your casualty exposure data by adding information on industry classifications, size metrics (e.g., revenue), and by providing unique corporate identifiers that can be used to better understand your clash potential.

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Arium’s Reinsurance Module

Arium’s reinsurance module allows you to visualize complex reinsurance structures and to quickly calculate casualty catastrophe losses based on alternative reinsurance strategies. Net and ceded losses are calculated on a basis consistent with that used to estimate gross losses, providing a consistent view of risk across perspectives.


Up Next: Expand Your Understanding Using a Probabilistic Model

In addition to the current catalog of deterministic scenarios, Arium is developing the industry’s most comprehensive probabilistic model of liability scenarios to help companies structure and parameterize future losses. This model will enable you to capture the full distribution of the frequency and severity of casualty catastrophes and will help you develop a more robust understanding of potential liability risk.

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