Wildfires and bushfires have caused billions of insured losses in the U.S. and Australia, respectively. Losses will climb as the wildland-urban interface (WUI) is further developed. Verisk models help you estimate potential losses to both individual policies and entire portfolios of properties.

Perform comprehensive policy and portfolio appraisals.

Verisk's probabilistic models go beyond historical data by providing large catalogs of simulated events that incorporate the factors that drive fire ignition and spread.

Conduct more detailed risk assessments.

High resolution fuel, wind, vegetation, and topographic data enable improved risk differentiation.

Analyze your capital adequacy.

Conduct stress testing and run your own "what if" scenarios.

Evaluate the impact of correlation.

The Verisk Wildfire Model for the United States considers the probability of a fire in the WUI transforming to an urban conflagration. The Verisk Bushfire Model for Australia considers the tendency for fires there to cluster in space and time.

Improve risk selection and pricing.

The vulnerability module features damage functions for a wide variety of construction types and occupancy classes, and accounts for mitigating factors such as fire-resistant roofing and siding.

Verisk currently offers wildfire models for:




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