Spending on IT by the global insurance industry is expected to grow to nearly USD 225 billion in 2020. In today’s challenging marketplace, are you deploying your resources efficiently?

The AIR Cloud is the complete turnkey catastrophe modeling solution that will reduce the demands on your IT staff and enable you to focus on what matters—managing your risk.

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Eliminate time and energy spent on maintaining and servicing your on-site installation and put aside the worry of having to test and deploy new technologies as they come on line. Leave the installation and maintenance of your catastrophe modeling environment to us.

Even better, with Touchstone® and Touchstone Re™ on the cloud as well as a full suite of callable APIs, you can access your analytics anywhere, and on any device, and integrate them into your workflow to inform all your risk management decisions.


Innovation happens on the cloud

Few companies would debate that speed and innovation are critical success factors in today’s competitive landscape. You can spend more time innovating when you don’t have to provision, manage, and maintain infrastructure.

Using the AIR Cloud ensures that you always have access to the latest technologies to optimize your performance and can depend on AIR’s Technical Services team to ensure your environment is configured correctly and kept up to date. Working with the AIR Cloud also simplifies the complex management of software updates so that you can spend your time on something better.

Seamless integration

The AIR Cloud supports integration of Touchstone and Touchstone Re with your own business systems using APIs so that you can create workflows that meet your organization’s needs. Increase productivity and expand the application of AIR solutions within your enterprise, while reducing training requirements.

Increase agility

The AIR Cloud reduces demand for IT resources, allowing for greater focus on strategic projects and more time spent growing your core business. It provides a scalable environment that enables you to quickly adapt to fluctuations in demand for resources.

You can stop worrying about configuration, maintenance, updates, and patches, as upgrades occur seamlessly on your schedule, and multiple versions of Touchstone or Touchstone Re can be run simultaneously.

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A cloud you can trust

Your AIR Cloud-hosted environment is maintained in certified state-of-the-art data centers and isolated from other cloud tenants in terms of compute and storage resources. Your data is protected by industrial-grade security measures and technologies both in the AIR Cloud and during transfer.

The AIR Cloud’s global network includes cloud data centers in key local markets around the world to provide high-speed access and meet your regulatory requirements.

Adopt with ease

Touchstone and Touchstone Re in the AIR Cloud are the same platforms currently deployed on-premises across a wide variety of organizations today. This means you can easily transition from an on-premises installation to conducting risk analyses in the AIR Cloud.

We’re with you every step of the way

AIR professionals are dedicated to maintaining your AIR Cloud environment and will work with you and your scheduling needs to ensure maintenance and upgrades are completed as necessary to ensure optimal performance.



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