The reliability of catastrophe modeling output is only as good as the quality of your exposure data. Poor data quality can result in a miscalculation of risk that affects your bottom line. Tasks such as cleansing, validating, and even modeling your data can drain valuable resources. With AIR Data Services, you can focus on what’s important—effective risk management strategies and growth opportunities. AIR Data Services provides an end-to-end exposure data service to help you clean, standardize, validate, augment, test, and model your account-level exposure data without adding overhead.

Expanded options that fit your business

As part of the Verisk family, AIR Data Services not only supports Touchstone®, and Touchstone Re, we can also handle data for Sequel Impact, a versatile exposure data warehouse solution. We can integrate directly with your workflows and provide expert services across multiple Verisk solutions to support many different lines of business, including:


Builder’s Risk


Political Violence






Clean your account-level submissions

If your submissions are like some we’ve seen—with long descriptions, cryptic abbreviations, poor-quality photocopies, or just plain typos—you don’t need the headache. With AIR Data Services, you can let us undertake the task of cleaning raw data on an account-by-account basis and receive a personalized, import-ready file in return, usually within 48 hours. Our secure data portal streamlines workflows and communication.

Modeling results you need, when you need them

Whether you need modeling results across one model or across multiple perils, AIR Data Services helps you manage your modeling workflows. AIR experts can provide results such as EP curves by perils and regions, marginal impacts, and AALs. We’ll deliver model results quickly in bespoke templates to suit your needs.

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Maximize the performance of your portfolio-level data

AIR consultants can also improve the quality of your portfolio-level data. Leveraging the vast data resources of our parent company, Verisk, we can help you assess and even enhance the quality of your exposure data to ensure that your decisions are informed by the best analysis possible.


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Quantify the impact of missing information on catastrophe loss estimates and identify where efforts to improve data collection will reap the greatest benefits.

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Verify the accuracy of exposure data to determine the completeness and reasonability of property location data, building characteristics, and replacement values within a portfolio.

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Supplement missing or inaccurate exposure data to enhance data quality using the vast databases of property-specific building characteristics and replacement-cost estimates from Verisk.

Respond to more reporting requirements

More than ever, there are increased demands for accurate risk quantification, regulatory reporting, and portfolio rollups. AIR's data preparation and risk modeling can improve your profitability by maximizing your productivity and preventing errors before they occur.

How else can we help?

AIR can also audit your exposure data management workflows to help you achieve improved accuracy. An on-site, hands-on evaluation from an AIR specialist provides a one-on-one experience during which, together, we’ll review your exposure data collection processes.



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