Life and Health

Life and health insurers face a host of challenges—and opportunities—against a backdrop of market uncertainty, reduced mortality rates, and emerging infectious diseases. Verisk models help you anticipate the drivers of mortality and morbidity risk to facilitate optimal risk management, risk transfer, and risk mitigation decisions that align with your strategic goals.

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Pandemic Disease


Infectious diseases could lead to a significant increase in global morbidity and mortality, potentially leading to an unprecedented number of fatalities and trillions of dollars in insured losses. Despite medical and scientific advances in mitigation and patient care, a pandemic today could cause levels of mortality similar to, or even greater than the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, which killed 1–5% of the world's population. Increased global travel, greater exposure to new infectious diseases, and an aging population put the world at significant risk. Verisk's pandemic model provides you with a robust and comprehensive understanding of potential morbidity, mortality, and insurance losses.

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The global threat of terrorism is highly dynamic, and morbidity and mortality remain potential drivers of significant loss. Verisk's terrorism model produces probabilistic estimates of workers’ compensation insurance losses based on urban density and attack type, enabling life and health risk assessment and supporting pricing and underwriting decisions down to the individual policy level. Areas of highest exposure concentration can be identified with dynamic ring analysis, and impacts of potential terrorist attacks can be assessed before they occur with deterministic scenario testing, facilitating comprehensive life and health risk management.

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Following decades of mortality improvements for both sexes across age groups and socioeconomic status levels, many countries now face a slowing of life expectancy gains—resulting in a life expectancy reduction for some population groups. These changes in mortality risk are causing increased uncertainty about future mortality changes for life insurers and annuity providers alike.

At the same time, former methods of uncovering insights into an insured’s mortality risk are less reliable, as family history does not carry as much weight as it once did, and regulations increasingly limit access to detailed individual health data.

Verisk's longevity model uses advanced statistical techniques to help you quantify and forecast mortality trends and variability over time. Verisk’s longevity model captures the magnitude of and uncertainty in future mortality changes, allowing you to understand what is driving losses for various population groups. Understanding these longevity changes over time will lead to enhanced financial risk management practices.

Read the AIR Current: Managing the Changing Mortality Risk in an Aging U.S. Population

Earthquake and Tsunami

Earthquakes and the tsunamis they can trigger have contributed to some of the largest individual mortality events in history. Verisk's earthquake models are built on the latest scientific research and engineering expertise. The models allow you to make more informed underwriting and pricing decisions, and develop effective risk management strategies for the life and heath industries.

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Wide Range of Solutions for Life and Health Insurance Companies


Sub-Perils Influenza
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Geographic Coverage U.S., UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan
200+ countries and territories, on a consulting basis
Lines of Business Life Insurance
Workers' Compensation
Personal Accident
Health Insurance


Sub-Perils Shake
Geographic Coverage U.S.
Lines of Business Life Insurance
Workers' Compensation
Personal Accident


Sub-Perils Conventional Weapons
Geographic Coverage U.S.
Scenario-based analysis for other countries
Lines of Business Life Insurance
Workers' Compensation
Personal Accident


Sub-Perils Stochastic variation in long term mortality trends


Geographic Coverage 38 countries and territories


Lines of Business Life Insurance



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