Total risk management solution designed to perform the advanced analytics that you need to own your risk. Understand your estimated exposure to loss from extreme events today—and in the future.

More and more companies are choosing Touchstone® as their preferred extreme event risk modeling platform to meet increased needs for performance, transparency, and flexibility.

Go from data to insight to action, smarter than ever.

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How your business can get smarter

Touchstone enables near real-time decision-making, delivering more of the insight you want, not just more data. Spend less timing waiting and have more time to:

  • Make more informed underwriting, pricing, and risk management decisions
  • Compare different views of risk
  • Investigate the sensitivity of model assumptions
  • Satisfy regulatory reporting requirements

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A truly open and flexible platform

Touchstone fuels business agility and innovation by enabling you to bring together internal and external views of risk on one holistic platform.

Touchstone provides you with the flexibility to account for your own claims experience, implement assumptions based on your internal research, or perform sensitivity testing by modifying losses from extreme event models by geography, event parameters, primary exposure characteristics, and even by individual event.

Third-party data and models can be seamlessly integrated to manage your non-modeled risk or test alternative views of risk.

You can incorporate custom lines of business, adjust event frequencies, create custom damage functions, and even create and import your own models.

Learn more about the expanding range of flexibility options

Gain critical insights and develop a deeper knowledge of your business

The award-winning visualization capabilities in Touchstone's geospatial analytics engine were developed to provide re/insurers with rich and intuitive insights into accumulations and how they relate to potential hazards. Use the extensive library of hazard and event layers or bring in data from external sources to help develop a deeper understanding of additional sources of risk. Geospatial analyses are backed by Touchstone's industry-leading financial module, so you can apply policy and layer terms to evaluate your exposed limits. Use the dynamic ring functionality to pinpoint the area of user-specified radius that contains your greatest concentration of exposure, allowing you to find accumulation “hotspots” accurately and efficiently.

Read more about the Geospatial Analytics Module in Touchstone

Seamlessly manage and transfer your exposure data

With the acquisition of Sequel by Verisk, users can take advantage of seamless data transfer between Touchstone and Sequel Impact, an exposure data warehouse solution that spans all lines of business. Integration with Sequel Impact provides users with a powerful and flexible suite of tools, including enhanced options for exposure aggregation, geospatial analysis, and management of non-modeled risk.

Learn more about Sequel  

Simplify your risk modeling workflows

No two businesses are alike. So why take a “one-size-fits-all" approach to support your unique business? You have a choice in deployment—you can keep your modeling resources on-premises, in the Verisk Cloud, or in a third-party cloud. You can even get model results without interacting with the software directly, by using Touchstone APIs to integrate risk analytics directly into your existing workflow.



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