Assess the vulnerability of your—or your insured’s—supply chain and quantify the financial impact of disruptions both to the mapped and unmapped part of your supply chain network.

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Supply chain disruptions cost organizations more than USD 56 billion in 2015.1

As supply chains have grown more complex and global in scope, they have become more exposed to a wider range of risks than ever before. Most organizations lack visibility into their supply chain, particularly beyond Tier 1, yet disruption can happen anywhere in a supplier network. Are you prepared?

Quantifying supply chain risk is hard. We make it easy.

For Re(insurers)—Nearly half of corporations do not purchase supply chain insurance cover. According to corporate risk managers, supply chain or contingent business interruption (CBI) coverage is unavailable, inadequate, or unaffordable. That’s a need that the insurance industry can now help fulfill. Understand the connectivity of your insured’s supply chain and write CBI policies with confidence, while managing accumulations across your entire portfolio.

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For Corporations—Improve resilience and develop more effective business continuity plans and risk management strategies that minimize supply chain disruptions from extreme events and other scenarios.

Our consultants can help you identify your organization’s risk “hot spots” and quantify the likelihood of supply chain disruption, estimate downtime days and lost revenue, evaluate disruption mitigation strategies and stress-test your network, and assess the potential impacts of events in near real time —allowing you to respond rapidly to supply chain disruptions before they affect revenue.

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An innovative and flexible supply chain model: the foundation of Verisk Supply Chain Consulting Services

Verisk’s robust supply chain model is the backbone of our consulting solutions. Underlying the model is our proprietary supply chain industry exposure database that contains 3.4 million supplier locations across 17 primary industries and our network database, which maps how products flow across the globe. Our consultants work with you to blend your (or your insured’s) known supplier data with our industry-level exposure database to provide you with a deeper understanding of your potential supply chain risk and risk mitigation strategies.

Leverage our supply chain industry exposure database

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Trade Tensions Can Pressure Global Value Chains

For insurers, shifts in post-Brexit trade patterns signify possible changes in exposure footprints.

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Supply Chain Issue Brief & Case Study

Learn how our model was used to quantify the impact to the automotive industry due to the 2016 earthquakes in Kumamoto, Japan.

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Verisk Supply Chain Model On-Demand Webinar

Get an overview of supply chain modeling and learn how AIR’s flexible model can be used to reduce your risk.

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1 Business Insurance, 2016



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