More than 30% of catastrophe losses in 2016 were from flood-related events. As our climate changes, flood hazard maps can quickly become outdated and more sophisticated tools are necessary to assess the risk. Accounting for the complex variables that give rise to damaging floods can help you make informed decisions, develop effective risk management strategies, and discover profitable business opportunities.

Realistically capture inland flood risk.

High definition rainfall and river flow simulation, and an advanced physically-based hydraulic model are used to estimate location-level flood depth.

Explore our flood model for U.S.

Understand the vulnerability of your exposures.

Regional variation in construction practices can have a major impact on losses. Verisk’s region-specific damage functions capture the unique vulnerability of different building types, and users can input additional information such as first floor elevation, foundation type, and flood protection measures for more realistic loss estimates.

Evaluate off-floodplain risk.

Intense rainfall can result in flash-flooding even off the floodplain. Verisk models account for the factors that contribute to off-floodplain losses, including surface runoff, drainage backups, and other urban risks.

Discover our Japan inland flood model

Expand your profit potential.

Reveal new business opportunities with risk-based, location-level underwriting intelligence.

Setting a new standard for flood modeling

Separate flood occurrences in space and time.

Verisk simulation methodology allows flood events to be defined in a way that is consistent with typical hour clauses in flood contracts.

Recognize the chance of flood defense failure.

Our probabilistic approach incorporates comprehensive data on levees, dikes, and other custom flood protection measures, and quantifies the likelihood and impact of their failure.

Discover our Inland Flood Model for Central Europe

Visualize your flood risk.

Probabilistic flood hazard maps in Touchstone® help you manage accumulations, determine if a risk meets underwriting guidelines, and develop effective risk transfer strategies.

Explore flood hazard maps in Touchstone

Verisk currently offers flood models for:




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