Enhance data quality and make better decisions with Verisk exposure data consulting services.

Since the reliability of catastrophe modeling output is only as good as the quality of your exposure data, Verisk has developed a comprehensive suite of consulting solutions to help you assess and improve the accuracy of your data.

Enhance exposure data quality and reduce uncertainty.

Poor data quality can lead to inefficient resource allocation; you could even lose business because of the compensatory loads it forces you to apply. Let us help you ensure your exposure data is of the highest possible quality. Not only can Verisk exposure data services help you reduce uncertainty in your risk analyses through improved data accuracy, they can free you from the repetitive and time-consuming tasks of data preparation and allow you to focus on strategic decision making.

Exposure data collection process review wherever, whenever.

To provide the most comprehensive service with the greatest flexibility, Verisk experts can provide exposure data consulting from our offices or yours. An on-site, hands-on evaluation from an Verisk specialist provides a one-on-one experience in which, together, we’ll review your exposure data collection processes. We’ll work directly with staff and underwriters to identify any potential shortcomings, as well as appropriate measures for improvement.

Custom plans to meet your exposure data needs.

To meet your unique needs and achieve your specific objectives, Verisk consultants will work with you to create a fully customized plan that may include the following exposure data solutions:

Data Services

Outsource the cleaning of raw data on an account-by-account basis and receive a personalized, import-ready file for Touchstone®, usually within 48 hours. Utilizing Verisk’s Data Services allows for detailed loss and geospatial analysis as well as the modeling of reinsurance treaties in Touchstone ReTM, and returns the results in templates customized for you. Our secure data portal streamlines workflows and communication for even faster turnaround.


Quantify the impact of missing information on catastrophe loss estimates and identify where efforts to improve data collection will reap the greatest benefits.


Define data reference points for use during validation to compare exposure data within a portfolio to industry averages and distributions of insurance-to-value, construction, occupancy, and market share at various geographic resolutions.


Verify the accuracy of your exposure data to determine the completeness and reasonability of property location data, building characteristics, and replacement values within a portfolio.


Supplement missing or inaccurate exposure data to enhance data quality using the vast databases of property-specific building characteristics and replacement-cost estimates from Verisk.

Management Review

In addition to any of these, Verisk can audit your exposure data processes and procedures and recommend a course of action to achieve improved accuracy.

When you select Verisk’s exposure data offering, you’ll have access to experts who have deep understanding of the data quality needed to produce model results that make sense. Only Verisk can bring to bear the vast data assets of Verisk Insurance Solutions to fill in gaps in data completeness.



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