Get tools that quantify your non-modeled risks to meet your unique needs.

As the (re)insurance market diversifies, new risks emerge, and resilience efforts expand, tools to quantify your unique risks are more crucial than ever. AIR can develop custom solutions to help you understand your non-modeled risks to give you more confidence in your pricing, underwriting, risk transfer, risk mitigation, and resilience strategy decisions.

Capture the risk for non-modeled regions and perils.

For exposures in areas not covered by existing catastrophe models, or policies for structures or risks that don’t have damage functions, AIR can build a custom modeling solution to enable you to assess the risk.

Expand your risk modeling and management capabilities

Perhaps you have policy conditions or claims settlement practices that are beyond the scope of traditional models, or you’re entirely outside of the (re)insurance industry and have assets that you need to protect. A custom-built modeling process from AIR can expand your risk management capabilities.

Stay ahead of the game.

AIR has a wealth of experience in developing models from scratch for new risks and new regions that can give you a competitive edge.

Use risk modeling tools that meet your specific needs.

AIR custom solutions—such as custom scenarios and event catalogs—can help you quantify your risk so you can make better risk management decisions.

Grow your business

Use custom solutions from AIR to model new lines of business, like public infrastructure or mortgage portfolios, and increase your profit potential.



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