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In today’s increasingly complex risk landscape, identifying the path to profitable growth can be challenging. Now, technology is bringing much needed clarity.Touchstone Brochure

Touchstone®, the next generation modeling platform from AIR, offers powerful tools for interacting with your data, award-winning GIS capabilities that offer rich visualization, and unparalleled performance to enable near real-time decision making. Touchstone enables you to harness the power of the models—and truly own your risk.

Touchstone can be deployed however you choose—on premises, in the cloud, or fully integrated into your business workflows. The choice is yours. And by being transparent about the costs and benefits of each option, we help you choose the deployment strategy most appropriate for you today—and partner with you as your needs evolve over time.

At last, technology has caught up with the promise of risk modeling.  

  • Benefit from Microsoft HPC technology for fast data imports and loss analyses—that means more analyses, more often, in far less time, and no pay per use
  • Generate a broad range of loss perspectives in a single model run to understand your loss potential at every exceedance probability
  • Access underlying model assumptions, event parameters, and hazard
  • Run a wide range of marginal impact analyses, and perform sensitivity testing to gain insight into sources of uncertainty
  • Instantly grasp your accumulations of risk on a global scale, for both modeled and non-modeled perils, with customizable charts, tables, and maps
  • Optimize your configuration to meet your needs—Touchstone's built-in fail-safes and extreme scalability mean that it can meet any workload demand
  • Get up and running quickly with intuitive user interfaces and workflows

Touchstone is here today. But it's just the beginning. We're at the start of a multi-year effort that will that make Touchstone the cornerstone of your business analytics.  

Trust your data and the decisions they fuel.Data Quality Solutions Brief

The reliability of model output is only as good as the quality of the exposure data input. Touchstone’s data quality module lets you measure and even improve the quality of your data so that you can make better, more confident business decisions.  

Data scoring reveals how the quality of your exposure data impacts overall risk and uncertainty in model results. Benchmarking allows you to compare your data with that of the industry. Are the differences expected? Data validation lets you test your data against a comprehensive set of completeness and reasonability rules. Finally, leveraging the vast data stores of our parent company, Verisk Analytics, augmentation fills in missing or questionable values in your data with reliable replacement values, building characteristics, and geocodes for individual buildings.

  • Assess the completeness and reasonability of the exposure data within a portfolio
  • Identify anomalies to uncover systemic sources of data quality problems
  • Identify the policies or portfolios that should, because of their impact on overall risk, be prioritized for data improvement
  • Benchmark company portfolios against industry distributions of construction, occupancy, replacement values, and market share
  • Reduce uncertainty in model results by filling in missing data or replacing questionable exposure data
  • Easily communicate exposure data quality results to third parties

Pinpoint the locations most at risk.

Reduce the risk associated with underwriting, lending, and policy decisions by knowing a property's exposure to hazard. Touchstone pulls from the high-resolution databases that underlie AIR’s industry-leading catastrophe models to output actionable information such as distance to nearest fault or coastline, soil type and susceptibility to liquefaction, storm surge and landslide potential, FEMA flood zone or distance to 100- and 500-year floodplains, and much, much more. For a quick risk profile at the point of sale, Touchstone’s hazard module provides relative risk scores and a variety of loss metrics based on the geocoded location of the property—information that supports profitable underwriting decisions.

Hazard Analytics
  • Improve your loss ratio
  • Develop optimal insurance and reinsurance programs
  • Set actuarially sound premiums
  • Enter larger markets with competitive pricing
  • Increase productivity
  • Identify areas for profitable growth or retraction

Touchstone’s hazard analytics module is perfectly complemented by our award-winning geospatial analytics module, which enables rich visualization of the interplay between hazard and exposure.

Generate information to match the way you work and think.Solutions Brief

Decision makers need to be able to quickly spot and analyze trends, patterns, and anomalies. Touchstone’s award-winning geospatial tools let you interact with your data across the globe, giving you greater insight into your business than ever before. Visualize the relationship between exposure, hazard, and loss information for a holistic view of risk. The analytic potential is virtually limitless.

Touchstone’s geospatial analytics are far more powerful than off-the-shelf GIS solutions. That’s because Touchstone leverages the full AIR financial module to enable you to see not just your replacement values relative to hazard, but also ground-up, gross, pre-cat and post-cat exposed limits—even for multi-location, global schedules.

  • Specify accumulation zones by political boundaries, rings, or user-defined regions.
  • Analyze your accumulations of exposure and loss against the intensity footprints of significant historical events, realistic disaster scenarios, or your own hazard layers
  • Perform concentric ring analyses to evaluate terrorism exposure around specific targets, anywhere in the world
  • For non-modeled regions, import hazard maps, assess accumulations, and even apply user-defined damage ratios to estimate loss potential
  • Ensure that every decision maker across the organization can easily generate, analyze, and share the information needed to make better, faster decisions.

Unlock the value of AIR’s modeling results and move from insight to decision.

Meeting your needs as they evolve is what we do.The Future of Touchstone

Looking ahead to our future development efforts, we will continue to build Touchstone to offer even more flexibility, a broader range of analytics, and seamless integration of catastrophe modeling with the broader risk management landscape.

As a member of the Verisk Analytics family of companies, AIR is in a unique position to leverage the vast data stores of ISO and other sister companies to provide an integrated view of catastrophe and noncatastrophe risk. ISO noncatastrophe loss data for both insurance and reinsurance pricing analysis will be available in Touchstone and can be easily combined with modeled catastrophe losses.

Touchstone will offer a carefully executed means for you to modify modeled losses, whether in view of your company's claims experience or risk appetite, to account for non-modeled losses, or to perform sensitivity testing. And you’ll be able to import your own or third-party model results to achieve a blended view of the risk.

We are also developing the ability to modify model assumptions and damage ratios, and to incorporate alternate views of risk. AIR’s intuitive catalog architecture provides an easy means to integrate your company's view of event frequency and severity. But it is a managed flexibility that preserves the integrity and intellectual capital behind the AIR models, so you'll never lose sight of the AIR view.

Today, Touchstone provides the flexibility, transparency, and performance you need for managing catastrophe risk in the current business environment. Tomorrow, Touchstone will be the holistic solution for meeting all your risk management needs. Because meeting your needs as they evolve is what we do.

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