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The industry is demanding models that are more detailed, sophisticated, and higher in resolution, and with greater model coverage around the world.

Touchstone is a revolutionary platform engineered to empower flexibility for today's wide range of risk management workflows. Not only does it host AIR's ever-expanding suite of models, but its power and flexibility enable near real-time decision-making with more of the insight you want, not just more data points. With Touchstone, you can truly own your risk.

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What does performance mean to you?

The need for speed is the driving force behind Touchstone's unparalleled analytical performance. Computationally complex analyses can be scaled in parallel across hundreds of cores, dramatically reducing model run times. And performance will only continue to accelerate as new technologies are adopted.

But what does this speed do for you? With Touchstone, you can spend less timing waiting, and have more time to:

  • Make more informed decisions
  • Compare different views of risk
  • Test the sensitivity of models
  • Satisfy regulatory reporting requirements

Even as models become more detailed and event catalogs grow in size, Touchstone keeps apace and never slows you down.


Your exposure data, in tip top shape

Model output is only as good as the exposure data you input. Poor quality data can result in significant under- or overestimation of your risk, leading to misinformed decisions. The Data Quality Analytics Module in Touchstone shows you where your data falls short, whether it's incomplete or irregular data, and to what extent the deficiencies impact your modeling results.

Compare the makeup of your portfolio with the industry distribution derived from AIR's trusted industry exposure databases (IEDs). Even leverage AIR's vast property-specific database to fill in and correct missing or questionable values.

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Data Quality Module >>

Underwrite with efficiency and confidence

Making intelligent, data-driven underwriting decisions is the key first step in effective catastrophe risk management. The Hazard Analytics Module in Touchstone provides hazard and loss metrics for individual properties in the U.S. to support better underwriting and ratemaking.

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And Touchstone's dedicated Underwriter Mode was designed with the workflow of the underwriter in mind. Define what rules and guidelines to apply to ensure consistent execution of underwriting strategy, quickly identify violations, and view the results of data quality, hazard, clash, and detailed loss analyses in a single customizable dashboard.

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Hazard Analytics Module >> Underwriting Mode >>

Visual intelligence, backed by some serious financial smarts

The award-winning visualization capabilities in Touchstone's Geospatial Analytics Module were engineered with the re/insurance industry in mind. Unlike numbers on a spreadsheet, visual intelligence means rich and intuitive insight into your risk accumulations and how they relate to potential hazards. But it's not just about pretty pictures. Geospatial analyses are backed by Touchstone's industry-leading financial module, so you can apply policy and layer terms to calculate your exposed limits.

More on the Geospatial Analytics Module >>

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An open and flexible platform

Touchstone has an open platform architecture, which means you can seamlessly integrate non-AIR data and models to manage your non-modeled risk, or even to test alternative views for perils and regions where an AIR model already exists.

Import your own custom hazard layers, or take advantage of third-party resources (like flood hazard maps, worldwide terrorist targets, historical event intensity footprints) from various organizations that have signed agreements with AIR to provide their data in Touchstone.

Touchstone also gives you the flexibility to modify modeled losses by event, region, line of business, or coverage to develop your own view of risk. We make it easy to manage your business based on your unique needs.


Deployment on your terms, not ours

We'll work with you to determine the best deployment strategy for your operation. Whether it's on premises, in the cloud, a hybrid cloud solution, or fully integrated with your existing systems by way of APIs, Touchstone will deliver the performance you need. The choice is yours.

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Touchstone APIs >>  

What's next?

The core value of any catastrophe modeling company is in developing scientifically sound, reliable models—and Touchstone is setting the new standard in delivering these models in a cost-effective, flexible, and high performing manner. But we're not done yet.

We're building Touchstone to be the platform on which you can build a broad analytics infrastructure. We've already integrated non-catastrophe analytics to give you the most comprehensive view of your entire risk profile, including losses from perils like fire, lightning, and vandalism.

Future releases will offer:

Analytics iconComparative analytics, to see how your current portfolio losses stack up with those from previous periods (coming in V3.0!)
Portfolio iconFor reinsurers, multi-portfolio accumulation management capabilities and dynamic portfolio analysis
Portfolio icon Access to detailed hazard data by stochastic event to give you even more insight into the drivers of loss (coming in V3.0!)
Portfolio icon Ability to modify underlying model assumptions—such as vulnerability and event severity and frequency

This is just some of what's in store for Touchstone. As your needs continue to evolve, we'll be right there with you.

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