Total risk management solution designed to perform the advanced analytics that companies need to own their risk. Go from data to insight to action, smarter than ever.

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Today’s catastrophe models ingest larger data sets and operate at higher resolutions than thought possible just a few years ago. At the same time, model users are demanding ever better performance, transparency, and the flexibility to suit their evolving workflows.More and more companies are choosing Touchstone® as their preferred solution. Touchstone enables near real-time decision-making, delivering more of the insight you want, not just more data. With Touchstone, you can truly own your risk.

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How your business can get smarter

Businesses need information fast. With Touchstone, you spend less timing waiting, and have more time to:

  • Make more informed decisions
  • Compare different views of risk
  • Investigate the sensitivity of model assumptions
  • Satisfy regulatory reporting requirements

Seamlessly integrate multiple views of risk

AIR has built a platform that fuels business agility and innovation by enabling users to leverage third-party tools on one integrated platform. Achieve your own view of the risk by seamlessly integrating your own or external data and models to manage your non-modeled risk, or even to test alternative views for perils and regions where an AIR model already exists.

Streamline your underwriting decisions

Touchstone offers unparalleled ease of use and workflow efficiencies. It includes the ability to account for both catastrophe and non-catastrophe losses in a single platform, providing a more comprehensive view of risk. Touchstone’s underwriting mode streamlines the account underwriting process and enables companies to assess compliance with underwriting guidelines.

"Touchstone is helping us execute on our core principles, including disciplined underwriting, careful management of exposures and accumulations, and the deeper analytics required for effective catastrophe risk management.”

Endurance Re

"Touchstone's geospatial analytics have proven to be instrumental in leveraging Beach Re’s services to our clients by adding valuable insight that has been cited in support of a favorable rating or upgrade."

Beach Re

Gain critical insights and develop a deeper knowledge of your business

The award-winning visualization capabilities in Touchstone's geospatial analytics engine were developed to provide re/insurers with rich and intuitive insights into accumulations and how they relate to potential hazards. Geospatial analyses are backed by Touchstone's industry-leading financial module, so you can apply policy and layer terms to evaluate your exposed limits. Use the dynamic ring functionality to pinpoint the area of user-specified radius that contains your greatest concentration of exposure, allowing you to find accumulation “hotspots” accurately and efficiently.

Assess your exposure data - then enhance it

Model output is only as good as the exposure data you input. Poor quality data can result in significant under- or overestimation of your risk, leading to poor decisions. The Data Quality Analytics Module in Touchstone shows you where your data fall short, whether it's incomplete or inconsistent, and to what extent the deficiencies impact your modeling results.

Learn more about the Data Quality Module

Simplify your risk modeling workflows

No two businesses are alike. So why take a “one-size-fits-all" approach to support your unique business? AIR offers choice in deployment, whether you want to keep your modeling resources on premises, in the AIR Cloud, or in a third party cloud. You can also take advantage of a hybrid solution, leveraging the resources available in Microsoft© Azure® to burst to the cloud during periods of peak demand, such as renewals. You can even get model results without interacting with the software directly, by using Touchstone APIs to integrate risk analytics directly into your existing workflow.

Read about Touchstone APIs

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