2019 AIR Florida Insurance Forum Presentations

Access to presentations from AIR's 2019 Florida Insurance Forum.

Hurricanes of 2017 & 2018: Climatological Lessons Learned, Big Data and Model Enhancements

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Suz Tolwinski-Ward, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, AIR Worldwide

Marc Marcella, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, AIR Worldwide


Recent hurricanes Irma and Michael, each with its own unique attributes, provided several climatological learning opportunities to AIR researchers that will be explored and implemented in future model updates. Irma’s intensity and path forecasts, along with Michael’s landfall in the vulnerable Florida Panhandle, produced a large volume of data that is being further investigated. In this session, AIR researchers dove more deeply into recent events and discussed enhancements to wind field models and hurricane-induced precipitation capabilities in our models.

Hurricanes of 2017 & 2018: Damage Survey Lessons Learned and Next Steps

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Karthik Ramanathan, Ph.D., AVP, AIR Worldwide


Following recent catastrophic events in Florida, AIR engineers performed in-depth damage surveys to enhance understanding of building code evolution, enforcement, and regional impacts. In this session, attendees learned how AIR researchers leverage this data to improve the accuracy of catastrophe models and real-time solutions, ensuring that lessons learned from ground observations are consistent with model damage calculations and outputs.

Flood Insights and Innovation

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Marc Treacy, Managing Director of Flood Insurance, ISO

Peter Bingenheimer, SVP, AIR Worldwide


Flood risk is no longer strictly the domain of the NFIP; this risk is increasingly being taken up by the private market, creating new opportunities for growth. In this session, we discussed how companies can make the best use of innovative solutions to identify opportunities and effectively manage and underwrite residential and commercial flood programs.



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