Access to presentations from AIR's Envision 2018 conference.

General Sessions

Promoting Resilience Through Disaster Preparation and Community Recovery

During this session, panelists provided insights from their respective disciplines on how they help communities as well as clients prepare for and recover from extreme events. Download PDF

Introducing Sequel

Acquired by Verisk in 2017, Sequel is a commercial and specialty (re)insurance software provider that delivers a modern, powerful, and integrated suite of tools that complement AIR products. Download PDF

Leveraging Analyze Re

Learn how Analyze Re can be used to extend your organization’s analytical capabilities, and how this platform fits in with AIR’s suite of tools. Download PDF

AIR's Product and Technology Strategy

Sudhir Potharaju, AIR’s Senior Vice President of Software Product Management, explores future directions for AIR software and technology. Download PDF

Are We Getting Better at Risk Estimation?

AIR’s Chief Research Officer, Dr. Jayanta Guin reflects on modeling’s evolutionary journey and takes a candid look at its place in decision-making activities. Download PDF

Research Roadmap

Join SVP of Research and Modeling, Dr. Cagdas Kafali, for an overview of recent developments and what’s on the horizon for risk modeling. Download PDF Download PDF

Rethinking Cyber Risk Management

Explore how companies can rethink their approach and leverage recently available tools and analytics to ensure they succeed in this rapidly evolving industry. Download PDF

Double Indemnity: Managing Casualty Accumulations

Robin Wilkinson, AIR’s Managing Director of Casualty Analytics discusses how Arium can help you broaden your risk modeling beyond its traditional focus on property to incorporate casualty risk. Download PDF

Saving Sunset Boulevard: A Wildfire Panel Discussion

Our panel of wildfire and industry experts discusses their perspectives on recent wildfire seasons and offer insights into managing wildfire risk in 2018 and beyond. Download PDF

Enhancing Views of Risk from Above and Afar

Learn how Geomni, a Verisk business, uses aircraft, satellites, and other technologies to capture aerial imagery with the purpose of providing insurers real-time underwriting data, post-catastrophe event damage surveys, and more. Download PDF

Research and Modeling

Introducing the New Severe Thunderstorm Model for Europe

This session discusses key elements of the hazard module, such as how data from the Europe Severe Weather Database was leveraged, and examine peril-specific damage functions. Download PDF

The Latest Enhancements to AIR's Extratropical Cyclone Model for Europe

This session begins with the latest updates to the hazard component, including the incorporation of the North Atlantic Oscillation; provide an in-depth look at the vulnerability component; and concludes with a review of loss validation as well as loss changes. Download PDF

Introducing AIR's New U.S. Wildfire Model: Hazard Module

Senior Scientist Tammy Viggato provides for an overview of the hazard component of the new model, which will cover 13 of the top loss-causing states in the western U.S. and will be available later this year. Download PDF

The Day After Tomorrow: What's Next for Hurricane Modeling

Dr. Suz Tolwinski-Ward, a statistical climatologist, discusses future innovations in hurricane modeling enabled by the convergence of physics-based and statistical approaches. Download PDF

Introducing AIR’s New U.S. Wildfire Model: Vulnerability Module and Modeled Losses

Dr. Yue-Jun Yin a Senior Engineer at AIR, discusses the vulnerability/loss module of AIR’s new U.S. wildfire model. Download PDF

A River Runs Through It: The Future of AIR’s U.S. Inland Flood Model

Dr. Marc Marcella, a Senior Scientist in AIR’s Flood Group, describes the upcoming model enhancements we’re most excited about, including modeling flooding from tropical cyclone–induced precipitation, moving to an updated DTM with an even higher resolution, physically simulating of off-plain (pluvial) flooding, and much more. Download PDF


Software and Technology

What's Coming in Touchstone 6.0?

Touchstone 6.0, scheduled for release later this year, incorporates several key enhancements designed to streamline workflows and improve overall user experience. Download PDF

Can We Build It? Yes, We Can! Assembling a New Model

Learn how to construct a catalog of events, define event intensity, and develop custom damage functions to create your own model for any region or peril. Download PDF

Preview of Touchstone Re

As the successor to CATRADER, Touchstone Re is AIR’s next generation reinsurance catastrophe modeling platform, which enables users to model, roll up, and manage complex reinsurance contracts. Download PDF

Preview of Touchstone Underwriter

Introducing AIR’s forthcoming Touchstone Underwriter, a web-based application that will provide needed loss metrics, exposure analytics, and hazard data, while also enabling you to leverage your use of Verisk data attributes at the point of sale. Download PDF

Updates to AIR’s Modeling Framework

AIR’s Gen-3 Modeling Framework will provide a more robust treatment of uncertainty and will support an even wider array of complex commercial policy terms and reinsurance treaty structures. Download PDF

Automating Processes using APIs: A User's Perspective

This session highlights Faraday’s experience using the API functionality that is part of Touchstone and how it has enabled better analytics while reducing processing costs. Download PDF

Migrating From CATRADER to Touchstone Re

This session describes what you need to know as you plan your migration to the new platform, including data migration, the timeline for feature rollout in Touchstone Re, and system configuration requirements. Download PDF

Transforming Modeling Workflows Through Integration

Learn about the power of APIs and current integration trends that are shaping the industry. Download PDF

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