Expert training and education programs to help you better understand catastrophe models

The quantity and scale of catastrophic events around the world is growing and changing. This is creating a global demand for people who can understand and utilize catastrophe models. The AIR Institute’s mission is to be a center of excellence for catastrophe risk management training and education.

Certified Extreme Event Modeler™ Program

This 5-day intensive program for catastrophe modelers gives you insight into the science behind natural catastrophes and a behind-the-scenes look at how AIR models are developed and validated. We give you hands-on training in our software and how it can be used to explore the assumptions underlying the models, understand uncertainty, and interpret model results. After completing the program requirements, you become an AIR Institute Certified Extreme Event Modeler™.

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July 20-24, 2020 in London

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September 21-25, 2020 in Boston

Executive Program

Specifically designed to meet the needs of senior management, this 1-2 day program will help you gain new understanding of AIR models and model results. The core Executive sessions will give you the tools you need to discuss your company’s risk management approach and ask the right questions of your internal teams and vendors. Additional in-depth courses are tailored to you per your preferences. All sessions are led by senior AIR executives and researchers.

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Custom Program for Teams

This flexible program provides an overview of AIR models and interpreting model results. Instructors will tailor this 1-3 day program to meet your organization’s needs and address the challenges you face. It is ideal for audiences that don’t use AIR software every day, yet work with model outputs and require robust comprehension of what they represent.

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Figure 1Dr. Li Zhang of China Re is congratulated by AIR President Emeritus Ming Lee for becoming China's first AIR Certified Extreme Event Modeler in August 2014.

"AIR’s Program was truly excellent. It gave me a deeper knowledge of complex scientific, engineering, and financial considerations that underlie AIR’s models. I also improved my command of AIR’s software and learned best practices for interpreting the results."

Li Zhang, Ph.D., China Re


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