In today's rapidly evolving business environment, you requirerisk management tools that will not only keep you competitive, butthat will pave the way to profitable growth in the face ofregulatory change.

Today, success demands agility. You've learned to react tochanges to your business, from your customers, and in the worldaround you. Now, AIR is developing solutions designed to help yourbusiness be even more agile.

You'll discover how CATRADER's new module is enablingreinsurance portfolio managers to:

Examine and modify the drivers of risk byadjusting AIR modeled losses by event, line of business, or programto reflect a company's own knowledge and claims experience
Analyze non-modeled and non-cat sources of loss in oneefficient tool enabling more robust and sophisticated riskselection, anywhere in the world
Identify strategies for growth by performingdetailed sensitivity testing
Respond effectively to regulatory requirementssuch as Solvency II, with more detailed sensitivity analyses,enhanced model update management processes, and efficientreporting



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