What is Catalog Viewer?

Catalog Viewer, AIR’s first cloud-native web application, enables you to visualize and interrogate data from AIR’s tropical cyclone stochastic catalogs instantly—with full tracks and intensity footprints available for each storm—and filter results to your area of interest.

What can I do with Catalog Viewer?

  • Narrow your focus on a specific view of risk, filtering the catalog using storm track information and storm characteristics
  • Export a subset of storms for further analysis in Touchstone® or Touchstone Re™
  • Easily create similar stochastic event sets by leveraging filtering capabilities as well as web map layers from the National Hurricane Center
  • Access each hourly point of a storm’s track to obtain parameters from several of our 10K tropical cyclone catalogs
  • Log in from anywhere to obtain direct access to a dedicated map server that can send event data to multiple applications and deliver geospatial content as frequently as you need it

How can Catalog Viewer help my organization?

  • Be prepared for the worst by quickly visualizing your risk to help you make informed business decisions faster
  • Manage your organization’s real-time risk, perform your own analytics, and select related similar stochastic events (SSEs) from AIR’s model in seconds
  • Drill into subsets of hurricanes or even examine individual storms for model validation

What catalogs are available in Catalog Viewer?

Currently, Catalog Viewer includes the following stochastic catalogs:

  • U.S. Hurricane 10K – WSST*
  • Caribbean Tropical Cyclone 10K – WSST*
  • Central America Tropical Cyclone 10K – WSST*
  • Mexico Tropical Cyclone 10K – WSST*
  • Japan Typhoon 10K
  • China Typhoon 10K
  • South Korea Typhoon 10K
  • Southeast Asia Typhoon 10K

*Warm Sea Surface Temperature (WSST) catalogs contain a subset of the simulated tropical cyclone events contained in the 100K Stochastic Catalog that considers additional landfall activity in the years since 1900 with higher-than-average SSTs, reflecting the potential increased risk if these conditions persist.

There are plans to continue to expand this list by including additional catalogs in future releases.

Will Catalog Viewer ever include other perils?

Yes. Additional perils will be included in subsequent releases, likely beginning with wildfire and earthquake.

What are the real-time advisories that are available and when will the new advisories become available in the product?

Hurricane advisories issued by the National Hurricane Center will be available in Catalog Viewer as a layer to help visualize a hurricane’s track in near real time. New advisories will become available in Catalog Viewer shortly after the National Hurricane Center publishes them.

Can we export the event’s data?

Yes, exporting the event’s track, intensity, and landfall information is possible; however, exporting an event’s hourly data is not.

Will there be public APIs?

Currently, there are no public APIs for Catalog Viewer; however, we are in the process of developing this functionality and will make it available to our clients by 2022.

Will Catalog Viewer be integrated with Touchstone and Touchstone Re?

In the short term, Catalog Viewer will not be directly integrated with Touchstone and Touchstone Re because it is a cloud-native product; however, a subset of storms selected in Catalog Viewer can be exported into Touchstone and Touchstone Re. If you currently license the Geospatial Analytics Module, you can export the intensity files into Touchstone as well.



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