Enhancing Your Data Management and Increasing Flexibility with Touchstone 2020

Improve Your Accuracy and Precision Now with Premium International Geocoding

Having the right latitude and longitude coordinates for a property can have an enormous bearing upon the accuracy of risk estimation and the impact that extreme events could have on that property.  Whether you are examining hazard analytics or conducting risk selection, having granular location-level data can make all the difference. Enrich your portfolio and overcome data quality issues with premium international address-level geocoding in Touchstone®, powered by Precisely.

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When Can You Benefit from Our Geocoding Solution?

Here are just a few scenarios where leveraging premium international geocoding would make a notable impact:

Computer with analytics on screen

Hazard Analyses for Risk Selection

Computer with analytics on screen

Single Property Underwriting

Computer with analytics on screen

Geospatial Analyses for Mapping or Accumulation

Computer with analytics on screen


Computer with analytics on screen

Tropical Cyclone

Computer with analytics on screen


Discover the Difference Geocoding Can Make

To truly understand the impact of premium international geocoding let’s compare properties in the Passau area of Germany with postal code-level location information (left) and with premium high-resolution geocoding (Right). The intersection of the Danube, Inn, and Ilz rivers was one of the worst-hit areas during the widespread flooding that became the costliest natural catastrophe of 2013, when floodwaters hit their highest level since 1501. The significance of the granular location-level data becomes clearer when we overlay the 100-year flood depth hazard layer from the AIR Inland Flood Model for Central Europe. Use the button to toggle between the maps. Interactive icon

Map 1 no flooding
Map 2 no flooding

Gain Additional Flexibility by Using Touchstone and Model Builder

Custom views of risk can differentiate your business, which is why AIR is committed to offering flexibility in our software. AIR architected Touchstone to be an open platform, offering you the transparency and flexibility to cultivate your own view of risk. Over the years, AIR has increased flexibility with the introduction of Model Builder™, to make it easier than ever to develop and share custom views of risk.

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Leverage Custom Vulnerability to Reflect Your View of Risk

Do you need a more nuanced view of how risks should behave at varying intensities? Touchstone now supports the ability for your organization to import customized vulnerability functions to better reflect your own view of risk. Leveraging the seamless integration with Model Builder, you can import your own custom-defined damage functions.

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Distinguish Yourself from the Competition

Whether you are looking to reflect a different loss experience specific to a coverage or sub-peril, or account for additional assumptions, the custom vulnerability functionality can be implemented to integrate alternative views of risk. The custom vulnerabilities you input will be used in place of the corresponding AIR vulnerability functions for the specific construction and occupancy you want impacted.

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