Simplify your risk management workflows and take advantage of more flexible output options with Touchstone 5®.

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It’s easier than ever to work with your exposure data

New import options mean you can get your risk analyses up and running more quickly. Intuitive window controls make it easier to see more data in one place, compare results, or see the impact of policy terms on losses.

Get the modeling results you need, exactly how you want them

New options for exporting results mean you can break down portfolio losses in ways that are most relevant for your business decisions. With more parameters to save losses by, it’s simple to find the right level of granularity to help you understand the risk.

Confidently explore the impact of alternative policy structures

Simultaneously run multiple contract loss analyses using a common set of analysis options and see the effects of applying multiple reinsurance programs. Easily test the effects of different terms to obtain a fuller understanding of potential alternatives.


Develop your own view of risk

With Touchstone, we’ve taken loss modification to the next level. Previous versions allowed you to modify losses by geography, event parameters, and even primary exposure characteristics. Version 5 goes even further to enable you to modify losses for individual events or by your own customized data fields.

Catastrophe models: the foundation of Touchstone

Uncover new opportunities with AIR’s latest suite of models. Touchstone features a major update to the earthquake model for the U.S. The models for tropical cyclone, earthquake, and bushfire in Australia have been refreshed, and a new model for severe thunderstorm has been added to provide a more comprehensive view of the multi-peril risk.

Read the press release of AIR's updated Earthquake Model


New integration possibilities

The scope of what you can accomplish with Touchstone continues to expand. As part of Touchstone, we have added seamless integration with Analyze Re to enable lightning-fast portfolio analytics. We’re also excited to announce that we’ve added models from another partner, Risk Frontiers, bringing their suite of five models for Australia and two models for New Zealand to Touchstone.

Read more about AIR’s partners and data providers



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