On-Demand Webinars

On-Demand Webinars

2017 AIR Hurricane Season Preview

June 01, 2017

AIR’s 2017 Hurricane Season Preview Webinar provides analysis of forecasts for the 2017 hurricane season, followed by a discussion on the likelihood of an El Niño this year, the current state of Atlantic multidecadal oscillation, and how climate conditions may affect hurricane activity in both the Atlantic and Pacific basins.
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Cyber Scenario Modeling and Decision Making

November 01, 2016

In this recording, originally presented on November 2, 2016, Scott Stransky and Evan Ritt discuss AIR's approach to cyber scenario modeling and modeling output can be leveraged to answer critical cyber risk management questions.
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So You Want to Issue a Cat Bond?

October 19, 2016

The “So You Want to Issue a Cat Bond” webinar provides you an overview of the catastrophe bond issuance process, variations in trigger mechanisms, and their associated benefits and drawbacks.
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Going Viral: Preparing for the Next Pandemic

June 20, 2016

According to the global insurance industry, pandemic is one of the most important extreme risks that the insurance industry should prepare for. The potential for international disease spread is of great concern as the world becomes ever more interconnected.
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The Broader Solution for Commercial Underwriting from AIR and Verisk Analytics

July 20, 2015

Join us as we look across the entire Verisk enterprise to see how AIR integrates our parent company’s vast data resources and analytics into a workflow ideally suited to the commercial underwriter.
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Using Touchstone for Accumulation Management and Advanced Geospatial Analysis

July 07, 2015

In the following webinar, we take a look at how AIR’s Geospatial Analytics Module in Touchstone allows you to analyze portfolios of risk in new, dynamic ways. More than ever before, companies are seeking powerful visualization and understanding of their data to better manage their risk.
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Own the Risk in Commercial Underwriting in Touchstone

June 01, 2015

Making intelligent, data-driven underwriting decisions is the key first step in effective catastrophe risk management. In this webinar, we will go through the process of evaluating a new submission in Touchstone®’s Underwriting Mode. Learn how the Underwriting Mode is specifically designed with the needs of underwriters in mind, providing them with user-friendly detailed and customizable information about the accounts they are considering.
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Are You Ready for the Next Pandemic?

December 10, 2013

In this recording, originally presented on December 10, 2013, Nita Madhav, MSPH, CCM and Doug Fullam, ASA discuss the AIR Pandemic Flu model. 
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