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Premium Adjustment Factors and Guidelines for 2013 Submissions Using the AIR MPCI Model for China

White Papers | pdf - 366 Kb
January 31, 2013

For the 2013 season, policy conditions for the China MPCI program have changed in several provinces. This will have an impact on the premium collected and on the risks that are being written in certain provinces. This paper describes the nature of those changes and the premium adjustment factors that AIR has developed to help companies analyze their 2013 China MPCI submissions using the AIR MPCI model for China.
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Impact of 2013 Premium Rate Changes on Gain and Loss Probabilities in the AIR U.S. MPCI Model

White Papers | pdf - 543 Kb
December 19, 2012

For the 2013 insurance year, the Risk Management Agency of the USDA modified the premium rates for corn, cotton, rice, sorghum, soybean, and wheat crops. This will have an impact on premium volumes, county- and state-level gross loss ratios, post-SRA losses and loss ratios, thus directly affecting crop insurance companies’ fund allocation, risk management strategies and the placement of reinsurance protection. This paper describes the nature of these changes and their impact on the profitability of the crop insurance industry.
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