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AIR Institute Brochure

Brochures | Training | pdf - 1248 Kb
March 04, 2019

The increased focus on extreme event risk management by corporate boards, executives, rating agencies, and regulators has fueled a growing need for skilled catastrophe modelers.
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AIR Tropical Cyclone Model for Australia

Brochures | Model | pdf - 10747 Kb
February 15, 2017

This brochure provides an overview of the AIR Tropical Cyclone Model for Australia. The model captures the risk from all three cyclone-related perils that contribute to property loss in Australia: wind, precipitation-induced flood, and storm surge. It also leverage’s AIR’s detailed industry exposure database for Australia, which provides a foundation for all modeled industry loss estimates and can be used to disaggregate exposure data to a highly detailed level for more accurate loss estimates.
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AIR Worldwide in Asia-Pacific

Brochures | Corporate | pdf - 2503 Kb
January 18, 2016

AIR Worldwide offers a comprehensive suite of models, software, and consulting solutions to help companies manage catastrophe risk and discover new opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region.
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AIR Worldwide in Latin America & Caribbean

Brochures | Corporate | pdf - 888 Kb
April 21, 2016

AIR offers a comprehensive suite of models, software, and consulting solutions to help companies manage catastrophe risk and discover new opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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City of Dallas Leverages Analytics to Inform Resilience Strategy

Brochures | Case Study | pdf - 532 Kb
July 02, 2018

AIR is a 100 Resilient Cities platform partner and offers consulting services informed by catastrophe modeling. The City of Dallas selected AIR to perform a risk assessment.
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El Modelo De Terremoto De AIR Para El Peru

Brochures | Model | pdf - 208 Kb
August 05, 2014

Este documento describe las ventajas del Modelo de Terremotos de AIR para Perú, el cual está diseñado para satisfacer las necesidades únicas de administración de riesgos para empresas expuestas al impacto de terremotos en Perú.
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Insuring Supply Chain Risk

Brochures | Solution | pdf - 849 Kb
August 07, 2017

AIR Supply Chain Consulting Services enable (re)insurers and (re)insurance brokers to improve the availability, adequacy, and affordability of supply chain, direct business interruption (BI), and CBI insurance offerings by providing quantitative analytics that support more accurate pricing and managing accumulation risk.
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Issue Brief: Rethinking Systemic Cyber Risk—An Approach for Growth

White Papers | pdf - 1401 Kb
May 30, 2018

Uncertainty about systemic cyber risk ties the hands of the insurance industry, leading to conservative decision-making. By leveraging data and analytics, cyber insurers can rethink their approach and break the shackles that are hindering growth.
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Non-Catastrophe Analytics in Touchstone

Brochures | Solution | pdf - 672 Kb
March 30, 2015

Non-Catastrophe Analytics in Touchstone® allows users to explore the impact of risk from non-catastrophe perils; calculate ground-up non-cat losses for each location and distribute losses into excess layers; streamline underwriting workflow and increase productivity—all in a single platform.
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Palomar Specialty Utilizes the AIR Flood Model to Develop Risk-Based Pricing in California

Brochures | Case Study | pdf - 50 Kb
June 21, 2017

Palomar sought a way to provide flood insurance that was affordable, profitable, and actuarially sound. With AIR, they found a modeling solution they could rely on to help them price the risk and set appropriate premiums.
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