Managing U.S. Flood Risk: Part I, Modeling Hurricane-Induced Precipitation

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The 2010 Haiti Earthquake: From Devastation to a Deeper Understanding of Caribbean Seismicity

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Modeling Fundamentals: Accounting for the Hours Clause

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Generating Loss Estimates in Real Time: An Inside Look at the ALERT™ Process—and What Sets It Apart

Articles | AIR Currents Article
October 25, 2011

AIR Vice President of Consulting and Client Services Rob Newbold talks about AIR's ALERT™ service—its complexities and uncertainties—and how it differs from other services available in the market.
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Real-Time Catastrophe Loss Estimates—What Do They Really Mean?

Articles | AIR Currents Article
May 23, 2013

The estimates of hurricane losses posted by AIR on its ALERT website two days ahead of landfall usually include a wide range of possibilities. This article explains what the range means and why it narrows as the storm approaches land.
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