Managing U.S. Flood Risk: Part I, Modeling Hurricane-Induced Precipitation

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The 2010 Haiti Earthquake: From Devastation to a Deeper Understanding of Caribbean Seismicity

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Modeling Fundamentals: Accounting for the Hours Clause

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Is Your Wildfire Risk Management Going Up in Smoke?

Articles | AIR Currents Article
February 22, 2018

Wildfire risk is increasing in the western United States as development of the wildland-urban interface (WUI) grows to meet population demands. To help companies better understand their risk, make more informed decisions, develop more effective risk management strategies, and increase wildfire resilience, AIR has developed a new Wildfire Model for the United States anticipated for release in summer 2018.
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Modeling Bushfires Down Under

Articles | AIR Currents Article
April 19, 2012

AIR has developed a bushfire model for Australia that will be available this summer. Dr. Tomas Girnius describes Australia’s long and costly experience with bushfires and explains how AIR’s approach to modeling an entire continent—an area 18 times that of wildfire-prone California—overcomes the inherent challenges a country so large and diverse presents to modeling.
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Fire Down Under: The Black Saturday Fires

Articles | AIR Currents Article
April 16, 2009

On Saturday, February 7, major bushfires broke out across the southeastern Australian state of Victoria. Known as the Black Saturday fires, the disaster was the deadliest fire in Australia’s history and one of the country’s most costly natural disasters of any kind. Weeks later, while pockets were still smoldering, AIR undertook a post-disaster survey of some of the hardest-hit areas north of Melbourne. In this article Dr. Praveen Sandri, Managing Director of AIR’s Hyderabad office, reports on the February fires and the findings of AIR’s survey . AIR Senior Research Scientist Dr. Tomas Girnius adds some background on the history of bushfires in Australia and on the nature of the peril today.
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The 2003 Cedar Fire: A Record-Breaking WUI Fire

Articles | AIR Currents Article
October 15, 2018

The Cedar Fire of 2003 quickly became a wildland-urban interface (WUI) fire and blazed through San Diego County. It is still the third-largest and third-most destructive wildfire on record in the State of California.
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