Managing U.S. Flood Risk: Part II, the New Pluvial Component

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The New Science of Event Attribution

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Modeling Fundamentals: Loss Modification in Touchstone

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Exploring the Impact of Vulnerability on Caribbean Tropical Cyclone Risk

Articles | AIR Currents Article
April 19, 2012

In this article, Dr. Apoorv Dabral and Matt Maddalo discuss the Caribbean’s diversity in building types, construction mixes, building codes, and building practices. In the AIR Tropical Cyclone Model for the Caribbean, the amalgamation of all these factors shapes an island or territory’s vulnerability—and tropical cyclone risk.
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A Year to Remember: The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Articles | AIR Currents Article
December 13, 2017

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season ranks as one of the most active seasons known—and probably the costliest.
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The 2010 Haiti Earthquake: From Devastation to a Deeper Understanding of Caribbean Seismicity

Articles | AIR Currents Article
January 06, 2020

AIR plans to release a substantially updated earthquake model for the Caribbean this summer. This article provides an overview of the enhancements to the hazard module, including a discussion on how new data about the Caribbean’s seismotectonics gathered in the past 10–20 years has been leveraged by AIR to enhance our ability to quantify seismic risk across the region, and how AIR models the newly added sub-perils of tsunami and liquefaction.
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Preview of the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Articles | AIR Currents Article
June 26, 2018

There is general agreement among the forecasts for this year’s Atlantic hurricane season that activity is likely to be average, or slightly above average. But while seasonal forecasts provide a general indication of what may happen, they are far from infallible. Last year’s forecasts for slightly above-average activity were generally on point, except for the spectacularly active month of September—thanks to which 2017 saw record-breaking insured losses.
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