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The AIR Winter Storm Model for Canada Key Advantages

Brochures | Model | pdf - 1228 Kb
September 21, 2015

This document describes the key advantages of the AIR Winter Storm Model for Canada, which is designed to meet the unique risk management needs of companies exposed to wind, winter precipitation (snow, ice pellets, and freezing rain), and freezing temperatures resulting from winter storms impacting Canada.
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US Natural Catastrophe Reference Chart

Brochures | Model | pdf - 59 Kb
June 28, 2013

This chart provides a useful reference for a variety of natural catastrophies including hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and floods.
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New CATRADER Feature Set Offers Hannover Re Enhanced Flexibility and a More Comprehensive View Of Global Risk

Brochures | Solution | pdf - 117 Kb
December 09, 2013

Hannover Re is an undisputed leader in the global reinsurance industry. One of the company’s most important objectives is managing an optimized and diversified property portfolio that maximizes risk-adjusted returns. To do this, Hannover Re partnered with AIR to make CATRADER an even more comprehensive risk management tool for the reinsurance market.
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AIR Solutions for Insurance Brokers

Brochures | Solution | pdf - 147 Kb
August 19, 2019

This brochure provides an overview of AIR's solutions for insurance brokers, which can be delivered through intuitive software or customized consulting services. The consistent, credible information delivered by AIR modeling enables brokers to: differentiate themselves through custom analyses and detailed reporting; set appropriate expectations for pricing; and better negotiate with insurers.
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AIR Terrorism Model Brochure

Brochures | Model | pdf - 2338 Kb
March 24, 2016

This brochure provides an overview of the AIR Terrorism Model, which can be used for deterministic analyses on a specific concentration of exposures and for fully probabilistic estimates of property and workers' compensation losses due to potential future terrorist attacks.
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AIR Tropical Cyclone Model for Australia

Brochures | Model | pdf - 10747 Kb
February 15, 2017

This brochure provides an overview of the AIR Tropical Cyclone Model for Australia. The model captures the risk from all three cyclone-related perils that contribute to property loss in Australia: wind, precipitation-induced flood, and storm surge. It also leverage’s AIR’s detailed industry exposure database for Australia, which provides a foundation for all modeled industry loss estimates and can be used to disaggregate exposure data to a highly detailed level for more accurate loss estimates.
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The AIR Earthquake Model for Canada

Brochures | Model | pdf - 3630 Kb
November 21, 2013

About 4,000 earthquakes occur annually in Canada, although most are too small to be felt. The AIR Earthquake Model for Canada will provide companies with the most advanced tool for assessing potential losses from ground shaking, fire following earthquake, tsunami, liquefaction, and landslide for the Canadian market and will be a significant tool for compliance with OSFI Guideline B-9.
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AIR Northwest Pacific Basinwide Typhoon Model

Brochures | Model | pdf - 2046 Kb
October 21, 2011

This brochure provides an introduction to the AIR Northwest Pacific Basinwide Typhoon Model, the first fully integrated tool for capturing risk both from typhoon winds and flood across the Northwest Pacific region. This innovative model—which features a unified catalog of nearly 300,000 simulated events affecting Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and the Philippines—allows local direct insurers to analyze country-specific risk, and global insurers and reinsurers to seamlessly assess the risk to policies and portfolios that span multiple countries. 
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AIR Pandemic Model

Brochures | Model | pdf - 18130 Kb
February 17, 2016

This brochure provides an introduction to the AIR Pandemic Model, which estimates the global impact of nearly 1 million simulated pandemic events represented in 500,000-year stochastic catalogs. The model explicitly captures factors that affect the spread of infectious disease, including pathogen characteristics, population movement, and the availability and effectiveness of medical interventions across the globe. The model offers risk managers a robust and comprehensive understanding of potential morbidity, mortality, and insurance losses.
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AIR Probabilistic Flood Hazard Maps in Touchstone

Brochures | Solution | pdf - 1104 Kb
September 05, 2016

Currently available for China, Thailand, Brazil, and Vietnam, AIR flood hazard maps display the extent of the flooding associated with river flow magnitudes at various return periods. Flood depths are also available for Brazil and Vietnam.
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