Severe thunderstorm is Australia’s most frequent and costly atmospheric peril. As development extends into previously undeveloped areas and cities become more densely populated, the loss potential from hail, tornado, and straight-line wind increases. Thus historical loss data alone are not sufficient for robust risk assessment. Manage your risk with the industry’s first comprehensive severe thunderstorm model for Australia.

Explore our Severe Thunderstorm Model for Australia

See your whole risk at once.

The AIR Severe Thunderstorm Model for Australia in Touchstone® gives you a comprehensive view of severe thunderstorm risk across Australia for your entire portfolio of exposures.

Assess the impacts of individual sub-perils.

Separate damage functions for hail, tornado, and straight-line wind capture their unique impacts on buildings, contents, automobiles, large industrial facilities, and business interruption. Analyze losses from each peril individually to gain insight into your risk drivers.


Generate more robust loss estimates.

Statistical and physical modeling approaches combine to create a sizable catalog of plausible severe thunderstorm events, from the large outbreaks that last several days and affect multiple states/territories to the highly localized events that last just minutes.

Consider regional and temporal variations.

Different severity indexes are applied to capture regional shifts in severe thunderstorm occurrence as seasons change, which could put different sets of exposures at more, or less, risk.

Better understand the vulnerability of your exposures.

The age and height of structures, as well as building code enforcement, construction materials and practices, mitigation features, and additional factors that affect vulnerability are incorporated to capture how exposures will perform during a severe thunderstorm.



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