River and flash flooding have been frequent occurrences in Brazil throughout its history. As urbanization accelerates in at-risk floodplains, more property owners are seeking protection, presenting opportunities for insurers who can appropriately assess the risk.

Brazil's southeastern cities are particularly vulnerable to flooding
Brazil's southeastern cities are particularly vulnerable to flooding.

AIR's Solution: Probabilistic Flood Hazard Maps for Brazil

Available as a hazard layer for use with the Geospatial Analytics Module in Touchstone®, AIR's probabilistic flood hazard maps enable a sophisticated understanding of the threat posed by Brazil's unique and complex river networks. Here are a few applications of the maps that can be put to use today:

Underwriting and pricing

Apply damage ratios by water depth to achieve a more accurate view of potential losses.

Accumulation management

Identify where you may be overexposed by predefined geopolitical boundaries, custom zones, or user-specified and develop effective risk mitigation strategies.

PML creation

Determine where the flood hazard will drive your probable maximum loss (offered on a consulting basis)

The Difference: High-Resolution Data

AIR seeks out the best elevation data sets for our flood hazard maps. We use historical high-resolution flow data to estimate future flood frequency and severity. Then we translate water flow to flood extents using a state-of-the-art mapping process that accounts for factors such as terrain, soil type, and land use/land cover.

Multiple Flood Depths Available

Water depth is an important determinant of flood damage. AIR's probabilistic flood hazard maps for Brazil allow users to accumulate on flood depth as well as spatial extent, enabling a more accurate view of risk. The depths for Brazil's flood hazard maps are 0-1, 1-3, 3-6, 6-9, and 9+ meters at the 25-, 50-, 100-, 200-, 250-, and 500-year return periods.

flood depths
Water depth estimates along the Amazon River near Manaus for the 100-year return period.

The Coverage You Need

AIR's Brazil hazard maps cover all areas at significant flood risk:


12,000 river catchments

7 major river basins

More than 500,000 km of
modeled rivers

To learn more about how AIR Probabilistic Flood Hazard Maps in Touchstone can help your company make better flood risk management decisions, read our solutions brief:

Read the Solutions Brief >>  



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