Do You Know Your European Extratropical Cyclone Risk?

With European windstorm losses on average surpassing those of any other peril in the region, companies need to be prepared for the unexpected. The AIR Extratropical Cyclone Model for Europe realistically simulates these costly winter storms and the damage they cause so that you can manage extratropical cyclone risk for underwriting, pricing, portfolio management, and risk transfer decisions.

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Support effective risk management decisions across 22 countries

AIR’s Extratropical Cyclone Model for Europe covers windstorm risk for 22 countries and storm surge risk for England and Wales, accounting for regional variations in storm climatology and building vulnerability. The model not only captures events similar to past storms that have impacted Europe but also ensures that extreme events that have few or no historical precedents are realistically represented.

Capturing the impact of demand surge in Europe

Demand surge is only one component of loss inflation that can follow an extreme event. It transcends insurance losses because it affects all properties in the destructive path of a natural catastrophe, insured or not. Quantifying demand surge in Europe has its challenges, but AIR is overcoming those to deliver a global view of economic demand surge, including Europe.

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Evaluate the impact of climate change across European perils

The frequency and intensity of atmospheric perils may change as the Earth’s atmosphere continues to warm. Scientists generally expect that there will be fewer total extratropical cyclones but a higher proportion of more intense ones. AIR’s Climate Change Practice offers innovative science-based solutions for assessing and mitigating the risk of climate change.

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Capture real-time event analytics

Obtaining reliable information as catastrophes unfold or immediately after they occur is essential for (re)insurers and investors. AIR’s ALERT™ (AIR Loss Estimates in Real Time) service provides information on current catastrophic events occurring globally in real time and—for events that meet the threshold—insured loss estimates.

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