AIR catastrophe models quantify the risk from naturalcatastrophes- earthquakes, tropical cyclones, winter storms, severethunderstorms, floods, and wildfires-in more than 90 countriesacross the globe. And we were the first to release a terrorismmodel to help companies come to grips with an emerging risk.

AIR has always been-and remains-at the scientific forefront ofcatastrophe modeling. We were the first in the industry to developdamage functions based not on how the ground moves, but on howbuildings respond to ground motion. We were the first to combinestate-of-the-art global climate models with mesoscale numericalweather prediction technology to realistically simulateprecipitation and flooding patterns. And we are the first todevelop a fully probabilistic tsunami modeling capability.

Each of our models is built based on the latest scientificresearch, engineering expertise, and local knowledge. Each isextensively validated both from the ground up, component bycomponent, and from the top down against damage and claims data-toensure that model results make sense.

As new risks emerge, new models continue to be developed for newperils and regions- and the ongoing research of AIR'smultidisciplinary team of experts ensures that they incorporate thelatest advances in science and engineering.



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