Retail and Wholesale Brokers

In recent years, costly natural disasters have underscored the need for an improved understanding of exposure to catastrophe loss. And as the complexity of the insured risks continues to grow, brokers are facing an ever greater demand for their services, including advising clients on the most appropriate risk management strategy and negotiating on their behalf.

Differentiate Yourself with Your Insureds  

Helping You Help Your Clients
If you have better insight into key loss drivers, your clients will too. Armed with results from a detailed hazard and loss analysis, brokers will be in a position to truly educate clients about their risk-whether for a single location of across an entire schedule of values.

Verifying Market Expectations
AIR models provide access to the same detailed analysis used by underwriters. Armed with AIR results, brokers can independently validate-or challenge-market pricing.

Negotiating on Behalf of Clients
By providing a more in-depth understanding of your clients' catastrophe exposure and risk, AIR model results increase your credibility with insurance underwriters.

Catastrophe risk modeling allows brokers to educate the insured they serve about their unique catastrophe risk profile. The consistent, credible information delivered by AIR models offers valuable insights enabling better risk management and, ultimately, increased profitability. AIR Worldwide is fully committed to ensuring that both brokers and their clients derive maximum value from model results.

AIR modeling solutions for retail and wholesale brokers include exposure data analysis, hazard and vulnerability analyses, and decision analytics. Together, they allow brokers to achieve a more comprehensive view of the risks to which their clients' properties are exposed, leading to sound decisions that better reflect their clients' risk tolerance.



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