The catastrophe risk landscape is evolving, as are the tools to assess the risk. AIR helps regulatory and rating agencies understand the science and data behind the modeling tools that organizations rely on to assess, manage, and communicate their risk.


What if you could...

  • Gain a better understanding of how catastrophe models are built and the scientific assumptions that underlie them
  • Develop a deep understanding of modeled loss metrics and how to interpret them
  • Benchmark company loss potential against the industry’s
  • Explore the rationale for and implications of model blending
  • Receive real-time notifications of catastrophic events as they occur and their potential industry impacts
  • Examine the exposure data validation and conversion options and services employed by insurers and reinsurers

You can, with tools from AIR Worldwide.


Understand and track updates of the science, perils, damage ratios, and catalogs of the risk models utilized throughout the industry.

Learn more about AIR models


Tailored educational solutions to meet your specific needs, from model overview presentation to a bespoke training for your analysts.

Discover AIR training


Explore the robust risk management platforms and loss measures used by AIR clients and how they can be used to benchmark and view industry metrics.

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