A deep understanding of your risk is demanded by boards of directors, rating agencies, and regulators, and more robust tools are needed to refine risk estimates. AIR models, software, and services give you the insight you need to make better risk management decisions.

What if you could...

  • Pinpoint which regions, perils, or lines of business are driving your risk
  • Assess the impacts of changes in underwriting guidelines or different deductible options
  • Discover areas of potential profitable growth
  • Make more informed account underwriting decisions at the point of sale
  • Evaluate reinsurance strategies and make optimal risk transfer decisions
  • Identify your exposures in peak accumulation zones on a gross and net basis
  • Consider the financial implications of non-catastrophic perils on your bottom line
  • Gain the transparency needed to meet regulatory and rating agency requirements

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You can, with tools from AIR Worldwide.


Proactively assess, mitigate, and manage risk from catastrophic perils on individual policies or entire portfolios.

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Customize, streamline, and automate workflows in a flexible environment, and benefit from the visual intelligence offered by award-winning geospatial capabilities.

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Tailored solutions to meet your specific needs that may not otherwise be addressed by traditional models and software.

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