To better prepare for natural and manmade catastrophes, governments must make risk-informed decisions before disaster strikes. AIR can help governments identify vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure, understand potential economic impacts, and inform risk transfer and mitigation strategies to strengthen emergency management programs.

What if you could...

  • Gain insight into the potential frequency, locations, and consequences of future catastrophes
  • Obtain reliable catastrophe impact information quickly as an actual event unfolds
  • Evaluate risk pooling and other risk transfer alternatives for regional resiliency planning
  • Perform cost-benefit analyses of various risk mitigation efforts
  • Estimate potential impacts to inform disaster risk financing decisions

You can, with tools from AIR Worldwide.


Proactively assess the likelihood and potential consequences of future catastrophic events for a specific location or entire country.

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Evaluate possible impacts of catastrophes and make risk-informed mitigation and risk transfer decisions.

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Engage AIR consultants to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs, including risk assessments, critical infrastructure vulnerability studies, and risk transfer program evaluations.

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