Assessing the risk associated with insurance-linked securities is more important than ever as the issuance and complexity of these financial instruments continue to grow. AIR models, software, and services help investors manage the profitability of their ILS portfolios.

What if you could...

  • Assess the profit potential of a wide range of financial instruments within a single platform
  • Conduct marginal impact analyses and consider the correlations between insurance-linked securities holdings
  • Monitor exposure accumulations and resulting portfolio impacts
  • Explore a variety of risk transfer investment opportunities using detailed data about every active catastrophe bond
  • Manage your entire investment portfolio and generate detailed reports including portfolio summaries and expected values
  • Obtain reliable catastrophe loss information quickly as an actual event unfolds
  • Discover geographical areas or lines of business with potential for profitable growth

You can, with tools from AIR Worldwide.


Assess the risk associated with each instrument, whether a catastrophe bond, industry loss warranty, or collateralized reinsurance contract.

Learn more about AIR models


Manage your portfolio, generate exposure metrics, evaluate current investments and new opportunities, and run reports, in a single platform.

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Tailored solutions to meet your specific goals, including options to help you minimize risk and maximize return.

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