Inland flooding causes up to a third of average annual catastrophe losses in Europe. With several recent flood events all being referred to as “the flood of the century,” understanding your flood risk in Europe has never been more critical.


Expanding a Proven Model in Europe

AIR’s Inland Flood Model for Central Europe is a fully probabilistic, event-based model that accounts for the effects of fluvial and pluvial flooding—that is, the effects on properties both on and off the floodplain. The model takes a physical approach, coupling a global circulation model with a numerical weather prediction model, to capture flood risk. Only a physical modeling approach can account for the complexities inherent in the flood peril, even on large scales.

With coverage now in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland and modeling on a 25-meter digital terrain model, AIR provides regional writers with a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the location, frequency, and severity of flooding—and its impact on the built environment. You’ll gain a better understanding of your risk and make more informed underwriting, pricing, portfolio management, and risk transfer decisions.


Developed for the Insurance Industry

To accommodate current practices in the industry, the model adopts the standard 504-hours clause when defining a flood event. The lengthening over time of the hours clause has been shown to better represent how floods propagate through Europe’s extensive river networks.

Touchstone® gives you the flexibility to model a wide range of coverage types using policy conditions found in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland. You can also enter property-specific information, such as the presence of basements, floor of interest, and custom standard of protection for more accurate loss estimates.


AIR’s Probabilistic Flood Hazard Maps: A Complementary Solution

In addition to the fully probabilistic stochastic model, AIR provides flood hazard maps available as layers in Touchstone’s Geospatial Analytics Module. AIR’s flood hazard maps, which are fully consistent with the probabilistic loss model, allow you to see where properties are located in relation to various levels of flood hazard, and assess whether they meet underwriting guidelines. You can accumulate not just risk counts and replacement values, but also exposed limits after accounting for a full range of policy terms.


Mapping Central European Flood Risk

Using AIR’s Inland Flood Model for Central Europe, AIR has created a high-resolution flood risk map for the region (covering Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland). This poster-size map illustrates:

  • Relative inland flood risk
  • Annual precipitation in the region
  • River networks
  • Significant historic events
  • And more


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