Verisk’s advanced probabilistic agricultural risk models and services characterize relationships between weather and yield in combination with comprehensive analyses of historical yield, price, and loss data to assess risk profiles across diverse crop insurance and reinsurance portfolios. These are now the independent models of choice for the industry.

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Quantifying Impact of Climate Change: A Look at U.S. Agricultural Risk

To better understand and quantify the potential magnitude of climate change impacts on crops, the Verisk Crop team collaborated on a research study with scholars at the Brookings Institution and AXIS Capital . Our scientists used a process-based Crop Growth and Yield Model to simulate the effects of observed past and projected future climate changes on corn (maize) yield at high resolution throughout the U.S. Corn Belt.

Read Climate Change: A Look at U.S. Agriculture Risk

Assess the impact of weather on crop yields with Verisk’s multiple peril crop insurance (MPCI) models.

A probabilistic approach to quantifying multiple peril crop risk provides a comprehensive view of realistic loss scenarios, given current crop genetics, exposure, weather data, management practices, and policy conditions.

Monitor your agricultural risk during the growing season.

CropAlert® provides in-season yield estimates and updates, impact assessments of adverse weather, program and policy analyses, loss estimates, and more.

Read more about CropAlert

Capture effects of hail on insured crops with Verisk’s crop hail models.

Crop-specific damage functions and models of hail physical properties account for unique hail injury processes that occur during different plant developmental stages, providing a full range of loss estimates for current crop hail insurance policy options. The U.S. and Canada Crop Hail Models leverage a single, unified stochastic catalog of hail activity to support a continuous view of risk across the border.

Take control of your agricultural risk modeling with Touchstone Re.

Verisk agricultural risk models are available in Touchstone Re™, our aggregate modeling platform, which enables you to access any company area at any time, keep multiple companies open at once, and jump straight from the homepage to analysis results in one click. You have complete control over the customizable loss dashboard and can view your analysis results at the resolution and perspective you choose. Getting your results out of Touchstone Re is easy with simple copy/paste and export functionality, as well as a simplified database schema.

Discover Touchstone Re

Verisk's U.S. MPCI Fund Designation Service

Consider multiple factors, such as grower histories, probabilities of loss, and mean loss ratio, to rank and sort policies and examine different allocation strategies that provide higher expected gains to suit your risk-return target.

Explore our U.S. MPCI Fund Designation Service

Verisk currently offers agricultural risk models for:

"Based on a blind test of more than half a million crop insurance policies, Verisk's allocation recommendations led to a significant improvement in return by accurately selecting the best policies to keep. This innovative tool will be an essential part of our fund designation strategy moving forward."

- Ron Rutledge

Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa Chairman, President, and CEO




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