Primary Property or Workers' Compensation Reinsurance Terms Fields for Import

The table below lists the Touchstone terms fields to which you can map comma-separated values (CSV) import reinsurance data for primary property or primary workers' compensation exposures. In addition, this table lists the Touchstone user interface field and database field that correspond to each import field and provides a link to the description of and validation rules for each import field.

  AIR ImportExpress rounds all imported monetary values to the nearest whole number if these values contain decimal places.

Import Field

User Interface Field

Database Field


Ceded Percentage

Ceded Amount (location or layer)



Reinsurance Limit

Gross Limit (location or layer)



Attachment Amount

Attachment Point (location or layer)




Not shown in the user interface




Perils (location or layer)

  To specify multiple perils in a single entry within an import file, separate the corresponding peril codes with a Plus (+) symbol, such as, PWH+PES).




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