Touchstone Exposure Data Validation Reference
    What's New
    Validation Rules for Exposure Data
    Reference: Exposure Data
       AIR ImportExpress Reference
       Financial Terms
       Currency Codes
       Peril Codes
       ISO Country Codes
       CRESTA and Area Codes
       AIR Construction and Occupancy Class Codes
          Unknown Construction / Unknown Occupancy Combinations
          Behavior for Invalid Construction / Occupancy Class Code Combinations
          AIR Construction Class Codes
          AIR Occupancy Class Codes
             Occupancy Class Descriptions
                Unknown Occupancy
                Residential Occupancies
                Commercial Occupancies
                Industrial Occupancies
                Restaurant Occupancy
                Mercantile Occupancies
                Public Occupancies
                Education Occupancies
                Transportation Occupancies
                Utility Occupancies
                Miscellaneous Occupancies
                Industrial Facility Occupancies
                Offshore Asset Occupancies
             Occupancy Class Codes by Country/Region
       Workers' Compensation Default Values
       Differences Between Property and Workers' Compensation Exposure Data