Equipment Construction


AIR provides the following codes for equipment construction:

  200-series construction class codes are not applicable for coverage C.

Construction Code




Residential Equipment

Residential furnishings including furniture and appliances


Office Equipment

Office furniture, file cabinets, PCs, etc.


Electrical Equipment

Non-high tech electrical equipment other than electrical equipment included as part of the function of the building


Mechanical Equipment

All equipment not otherwise classified in a building


High Technology Equipment

Sensitive equipment easily damaged by shaking


Trains, Trucks, Airplanes

Any type of train, truck, or airplane


Thermal Power Plant

Thermal power plants are energy centers that convert heat energy into electrical energy. In Japan, heat is usually generated by fuel, coal, or nuclear. Plants typically include components, such as boilers (or reactors), gas turbines, pumps, generators, cooling towers, power transmission lines, substations, transformers, bushings, circuit breakers/switches, waste management facilities, and building structures supporting operation of the plant or for administrative purposes.


Valid for Japan only. Use in conjunction with occupancy class 384.



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