Running Underwriting Analyses


In Underwriting Contract Mode, you can run analyses in any of the following ways:

       Using the auto run feature: Administrative users can configure Touchstone to run one or more analyses automatically upon a successful contract and exposure data import. This auto run capability streamlines the workflow. To specify which analyses Touchstone should run automatically, set underwriting defaults.

       Running individual analyses from Contract Summary Dashboard widgets: You can run an analysis directly from the Contract Summary Dashboard. First, locate the widget for the analysis that you want to run. Then, if applicable, click the Template drop down list button and select the desired analysis template. Finally, click Run to initiate the desired analysis.

       Running individual analyses by configuring analysis options: You can configure and then run an individual analysis using the corresponding analysis configuration panes. This method is similar to running an analysis in Portfolio Mode and enables you to customize each analysis.

Touchstone enables you to run the following types of analyses in Underwriting Contract Mode:

       Data Quality Analysis

       Hazard Analysis

       Detailed Loss Analysis

       Marginal Impact Analysis

       Clash Analysis

  After you have run the desired analyses, you can customize and generate underwriting reports.

Viewing Analysis Results

Once Touchstone has completed an analysis, you can view the results of this analysis on the Contract Summary Dashboard. For more detailed analysis results, click the desired analysis type or analysis results set in the navigation pane. Then, view the detailed analysis results in the Results pane.



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