Adding a Contract in Underwriting Contract Mode


You can add a new contract in Underwriting Contract Mode using either of the following methods:

       Import the desired contract and exposure data from CSV files.

       Enter contract and exposure data manually in the Touchstone user interface. You can also copy and paste this data from a spreadsheet into the Touchstone user interface.

To add a new contract in Underwriting Contract Mode, perform the following steps:

1.      On the Touchstone Underwriting Contract Mode Home tab, click Add Contract . The New Contract dialog box appears.

2.      In the New Contract dialog box, select one of the following options and then click Create:

       Enter new: Enables you to enter contract data manually through the Touchstone user interface. You can add exposure data either by entering this information manually or by copying this information from a spreadsheet and pasting the data into the corresponding grid. For more information about the data that you can enter, see Contract Details.

       Import data: Enables you to add contract and exposure data by importing CSV files. For more information about importing contract and exposure data in CSV format, see Importing CSV Files.

After you add a contract, you can view a contract summary or details; perform data quality, detailed loss, marginal impact, hazard, clash analyses; and generate reports.


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016