Working with Grids


The application includes many different grids, including those used in the following components:

         Projects pane

         Exposure Summary Dashboard (Exposure Views)

         Contract List

         Locations List

         Activity Monitor

         Data Source Manager

         Zone Set Manager (Geospatial)

Many grid functions, such as sorting, and grid components, such as the Analysis Definition function in the sidebar, are common to all the grids.

When an analysis has finished running in Portfolio Mode, the results appear in a grid, and there are several ways that you can access the results:

         At the bottom of the analysis' configuration pane, click Activity Monitor. When the status for the analysis is "Completed", select the row and then click View Analysis Result on the ribbon. Touchstone opens the project to the Results pane.

         At the bottom of the analysis' configuration pane, click Results. The application displays a grid with all the results for the project.

         (Detailed Loss Analysis only) At the bottom of the analysis' configuration pane, click Contract List. The application returns to the Contract List for the exposure view from which you submitted the analysis. You can now go to the next contract with which you want to work.

         In the navigation pane, click Results. The application displays a grid with all the results for the project, or it displays the most recently accessed type of results.

         In the Results pane, click the type of analysis whose results you want to view, such as "Hazard Analyses" or "Data Quality Analyses". The application displays only the results for the selected analysis type.

  To rename a Detailed Loss Analysis, click next to the analysis name in the Analysis Name field. (If you click the hyperlink, Touchstone opens the analysis results.). The field becomes editable. Enter the new name and then click Enter.

Each row in an analysis results grid displays item information, such as analysis information. activity information, database information, and zone set information. You can manually enter descriptive information in Notes or Description fields.

For information about the grid toolbar and the application sidebar, and about refining what results the table displays, click the following links:

         Grid toolbar


         Using Column Chooser with exposure views

         Sorting columns

         Filtering lists

         Grouping results


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