Selecting Items


Touchstone grids are tables containing various items, such as projects, exposure views, and contracts. From the grid, you can select items, navigate to items, and edit them.

There are several ways to select items:

         Click in the left cell of the row containing the item you want to select, such as a project, an exposure view, or a contract. You can also select the row by clicking elsewhere in the row, except on the item's hyperlinked name. When a row is selected, it is highlighted in green.

         To select contiguous multiple items, select the first item and then, holding down Shift, select the row containing the last item that you want to select.

         To select non-contiguous multiple items, select the first item and then, holding down Ctrl, click each row that you want to select.

There are two ways to navigate to items:

         Move the pointer over an item name, such as a project name, exposure view name, or contract ID. When the hyperlink becomes active, click the item to open it. For example, clicking an exposure view name in the grid opens the Exposure Summary Dashboard or the Contract List (depending on which view you most recently accessed).

         Make the cell that contains a hyperlinked name editable by clicking to the side of the hyperlinked name. Depending on the grid you are viewing, the application displays one or more "Go to" links. For example, when you click in the Exposure View Name cell, to the right of the hyperlinked name, the application displays two "Go to" options: "Go to Exposure Summary" and "Go to Contracts List". Click the navigation link that you want to use.

To edit an item, click in an editable cell, such as in a Description cell for a project, and then enter text in the cell. To edit a cell and then navigate to a particular view, click in the cell to the right of the item's name, edit the text, and then click the "Go to" option that you want to use. For example, click in the Exposure View Name cell, edit the name of the view, and then click Go to Contracts list.


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016