Specifying Loss Comparative Analysis Options


The analysis options include selecting two or more sets of loss results, optionally specifying a set of loss results as the baseline, and specifying how to filter the results.

You can select loss results from previous product versions even if the models have been updated. Click here for important information about using results from previous product versions.

To specify loss comparative analysis options:

1.      Create a new loss comparative analysis.

2.      Under Options, click Analysis Options.

3.      In the Analysis Options pane, clear the Show only results within this project check box if you want to select sets of loss results from other projects or Result databases.

4.      Select at least two sets of loss results for comparison. As you select or clear a set of loss results in the grid, Touchstone updates the Baseline Loss Result list to reflect each change.

5.      Optionally, in the Baseline Loss Result list, select the loss result set that you want to use as the baseline for comparison. If you do not select a baseline loss result, Touchstone automatically selects one.

6.      Optionally, in the Alias Name column, enter a nickname for the analysis results.

7.      Optionally, specify how you want to filter the analysis results. You can filter by line of business (LOB), contract, or geography. If you select "Geography", then select the geographical level (country, area/CRESTA, or sub area). You must have run the selected detailed loss analyses at the LOB, contract, or geography level.

1.       If you filter the analysis results by geography, the level of resolution available in the Geo Level table depends on the resolution of data in the loss results included in the comparative analysis.

2.       If you choose not to filter the results by geography, the Geo Level table will not be available and the loss comparison analysis results will include only aggregate data saved by country and area (state/CRESTA)—even if the loss results being compared had been saved at a higher resolution.


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016