Specifying Additional Details


In the Output Options pane, use the Additional Details parameters to generate detailed output by coverage (and include the claims count in the output). When you analyze workers' compensation policies and certificates, you can configure the analysis to save results by injury type and to apply MAOL terms in the analysis results.

Additional Details Option



Saves results by individual coverage (building, other structures, contents, time element).

# Claims

Saves an estimate of the number of claims that will affect your exposure, in addition to loss estimates.

Injury Type

Saves results by injury types.


For U.S. workers' compensation exposures only, applies MAOL (maximum any one life) insurance terms to the analysis results, enabling you to include the information in CLF export files. Touchstone applies MAOL limits before calculating financial perspectives.

Select this field and then edit the MAOL terms. If this check box has already been selected, and you want to edit the MAOL terms, click .


You can specify four different limits. This is useful, for example, if you are configuring an analysis with multiple reinsurance treaties, each of which contain different MAOL limits. The loss engine calculates the results net of MAOL for the four different terms. For example, assume that an analysis includes two reinsurance treaties. The first treaty specifies $50 million with an MAOL term of $5M, while the second treaty specifies $40 million X $60 million with an MAOL of $10 million. You set Limit 1 to $5M and Limit 2 to $10 million.


While Touchstone typically generates losses at the event level, if the output is by location (postal or subarea), the application generates additional MAOL losses.


The system uses your Workers' Compensation license information to enable or disable the Injury Type and MAOL options when the analysis target is an exposure view. It does not check to see whether the exposure view is for property or workers' compensation exposure data, or for a mixture of both. If the analysis target is a contract, the system uses the type of contract and license information to enable or disable the Injury Type and MAOL options.

Be aware that, even though Touchstone does not support MAOL for Japanese Personal Accidents (PA) data, the MAOL option is not disabled.


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