Setting Inland Flood Options


During a catastrophe peril analysis, the inland flood peril applies to precipitation events that cause inland flooding due to river overflow, as well as to overflow caused by inadequate drainage systems. Flood zones are based on FEMA and AIR flood zone categories.

  Storm surge is not accounted for in the flood model.

When you import or enter location-surrounding details for exposures, you can specify the custom flood zone to which each exposure belongs. Then, when you configure a catastrophe peril analysis that includes the inland flood peril for Europe, you select any of the following flood zones that you want to include in the analysis:

       Zone 1

       Zone 2

       Zone 3

       Zone 4

Touchstone also provides a "Default" option that enables you to include in an analysis exposures that have not been assigned to a specific custom flood zone.

  The settings in the Flood Zones dialog box apply to flood analyses for Europe. These settings do not apply to the United States. Selecting the flood zones in the Flood Zones dialog box has no impact on the results for United States inland floods.

To set the inland flood options:

1.      Create a new catastrophe peril analysis. For more information, see Creating a New Catastrophe Peril Analysis.

2.      In the Analysis Settings pane, click next to the Inland Flood check box.

3.      In the Flood Zones dialog box, select or clear any of the check boxes as desired.

4.      Click OK.


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016