Selecting Perils


The event set that you select determines which perils are available for your selection. Select any peril or combination of perils captured in the exposures that you are analyzing. Touchstone automatically selects the check boxes for the perils that are valid for the selected event set. The loss results depend on the perils specified for the policies and locations to be analyzed. Make sure that you select perils for which you have available data.

After selecting an event set, you can set options for some of the available perils.

         Earthquake perils include Earthquake Shake, Fire Following, Sprinkler Leakage, and Tsunami.

         Tropical Cyclone perils include Wind, Storm Surge, and Precipitation Flood.

         Severe Storm perils include Severe Thunderstorm and Winter Storm.

         Other perils include Inland Flood, Wildfire/Bushfire, Terrorism. and Coastal Flood.


Touchstone supports analysis of workers' compensation exposure data related to U.S. Terrorism (M01), U.S. Earthquake (M11), and Japan Earthquake (M52). Make sure that you select the appropriate event set and peril (model).

Since AIR does not have any Japanese models for terrorism, you cannot select "Terrorism" when you select a Japanese event set.

For the AIR Hurricane Model for the United States (M21), Touchstone performs the extraction of elevation data for storm surge during analysis, rather than during data import.



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