Loss Results Maps


There are two types of data that you can view on loss results maps in addition to the standard map data:

         Event data

         Thematic maps data

Event Data

Event data refers to data for supported event types:

         Earthquake: earthquake epicenters (points)

         Tropical Cyclone: hurricane paths

         Wildfire: ignition points

         Terrorism: terrorism points

Event data is available on any loss results map by selecting one or more events, of a supported event type, in the Event Loss Summary Table. For example, when you select a Tropical Cyclone event 93, the map displays the path for the event.

The map legend displays the hurricane points, in a fill color that you can edit by double-clicking Hurricane Point and editing the legend attributes in the Symbology Editor. The Thematic legend, such as "Thematic 93", identifies loss values, such as 0 to 4 K USD, 4 K to 8K USD, etc. The map legend applies to whatever perspective is highlighted in the Event Loss Summary Table. It defaults to the Gross perspective; however, if you highlight or sort by another perspective in the table, the map legend will then reflect values for that perspective.

  Touchstone displays the loss results in a heat map and in the map legend only if you run the analysis at subarea level.

Thematic Maps

This data is available in the analysis results only if you saved losses by Geography (not by Event Total). You can save losses by Country, Area, Sub Area, or Postcode.

To view the thematic data, select one or more events in the Event Loss Summary Table. The thematic maps includes the loss results for all events that are currently selected. It displays the losses to the analyzed exposure set for the region. Darker shades of red represent higher losses.


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016